Over the last three decades, we have developed and refined our consulting approach in over 1,000 projects, with over 300 clients, across all major industries.

By asking the right questions and identifying the right levers, our consultants gain the relevant insights to understand your market, its untapped potential and opportunities.

We are implementation-oriented in everything we do and actively involve your organisation to write enduring success stories.




Based on deep cross-industry expertise and market analysis, we define your corporate strategy together with your team and activate tactics inside and outside your organisation before entering the implementation phase together.

We tailor our consulting approach to your needs. Do you need a regional market entry strategy? An innovative-adding business model? Or maybe you need to reorganise your business units? We are the ideal partner at your side. Your success is our mission.


Turnaround Management

The ever changing business environment requires established business models to be adapted or re-engineered altogether. With our expertise in different sectors and many years of experience, ChouChou is the right partner at your side in turnaround or restructuring processes.

In-depth analysis of the clients status quo reveals the root causes and allows the identification of new growth opportunities and unexploited potentials.

Solid analysis, individual concepts and strong numbers-driven business plans pave the way for successful turnaround processes and future-oriented strategies.


Sales Excellence

Our goal is to achieve profitable and sustainable growth for our customers. We define the ideal solution for you to increase the effectiveness of your sales operations.

This may include the joint development of new tools or processes for implementation tracking, the creation of sales dashboards or new price and condition systems.


M&A Services

Mergers & Acquisitions are one of our most important activities. ChouChou has a track record in supporting companies, banks as well as private equity or venture capital firms in all kinds of M&A processes.

In terms of acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, business co-operations, spin-offs or carve-outs-we are the ideal partner at your side.

ChouChou consulting addresses all types of M&A processes:
1. Company acquisition – “Buy-side”

Commercial Due Diligence (CDD): A fast and pragmatic strategic assessment of the acquisition target is our strength. Based on relevant market data, we validate the target’s business plan, its future sustanability and its management performance.

2. Company sale – “Sell-side”

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD): ChouChou has a track record in creating information memorandumus and vendor due diligence documents. This also includes the identification of potential investors / buyers, the creation of sell-in presentations for specific investor types and the moderation of expert sessions & negotiatioon processes.

3. Post-Merger Integration

After a successful transaction, we support the new management in ensuring that the post-merger integration is a success. For example, we support in creating comprehensive 100-day plans, including strategy development and associated countermeasures.

ChouChou supports all parties to exploit intended synergies. While focussing on strategic and commercial support, we complement the work of lawyers, accountants and investment banks to maximise value for our client.


Channel Management

Together, we assess the distribution landscape, regine your current distribution setup and develop new distribution concepts to optimise your channel performance.

Flanked by an encompassing risk, confict and cannabilization assessment, we define the ideal way to address your markets.


Change Management

For change to happen, it is imperative that Top Management drive the process. Likewise, for acceptance and sustainable change, the organisation as a whole needs to be involved. We help to bridge the gap between Management and organisation and to install solutions that everyone in the organisation cand rally behind.

With innovative solutions and approaches, we help you to look beyond the beaten tracks to identify the most relevant levers or tools to implement change processes best.

Together we turn your challenges into opportunities.



                                      AND RESULT ORIENTATION”



ChouChou is a cross-industrial functional specialist, with an extensive expertise in different sectors based on many years of experience.

Every organisation involved in marketing products or services is facing the same challenge: Getting the best possible control along the route to market to tap the full potential of customers.

Our business is to make our clients more successful. Our approach: We assume mareket potential is not fully exploited. A revenue growth without an increase of resources is possible by implementing the right processes.

We prepare our clients for future demands and create sustainable success through short, mid and long-term adjustments to the value chain. Our primary activities include successful sales and marketing strategies, portfolio optimisation, market entries, acquisitions and the implementation of strategic alliances.

Value Chain Re-engineering is our ability to perform sustainable changes to the value-adding activities of our clients. Reconfiguring these activities will lead to improved competitivness through lower costs, better perfomance and higher differentiation.


House & Garden

Results can be anchored sustainably in your organisation by implementing an active change management approach and developing solutions together with your employees to ensure the buy-in of all relevant stakeholders.

Clients trust in our market expertise and functional consulting approach in the home improvement sector, for example, Masco with 25 and Hilding Anders with 16 joint projects respectfully.


Building | Construction

Rising costs of raw material and increasing intensity of competition are only two of the fundamental challenges for our customers in the building construction sector.

We work together with our clients, meet these challenges and write success stories with them by optimising their distribution structure, developing cooperation concepts or designing a business strategy for their future market success. Construction chemicals, building materials, building services engineering and building tools-companies from all sectors are our clients-TRILUX, a luminaire manufacturer, as an example already in 27 joint projects.


Consumer | Retail

As a boutique consultancy, we accompany many well-known companies in the consumer and retail sector. Clients trust in our expertise – especially when facing major sector challenges.

The joint development of results and the strategy derived from it lay the foundation for the long-term focus of the customers business model.


Fashion | Textiles

The fashion industry is facing a disruptive change regards to digitalisation.

The cross-linkage to other sectors like consumer electronics or finance become more important in the future and makes the requirement of partnership concepts visible. Together with your employees, ChouChou identifies the value levers for your customers that are inevitable in the future and adapt your business model accordingly.We utilise our experience and expertise in the fashion and textile sector for our clients market success based on their consistent customer orietntation.


IT | Telco

Managing the transformation with regards to digitalisation and adapting the own business model accordingly are the challenges our customers are facing in the IT / Telecom sector.

Also in this sector, our customers rely on our consulting approach – We have jointly developed sector-specific concepts in three business divisions of Deutsche and worked in nine projects with Toshiba Europe.


Consumer electronics

We support our customers facing challenges within context of the industry driver. We accompany our customers in adapting their business model in a future-oriented approach and aligning their company strategically.

Jointly, we develop cooperation concepts with suitable partners to consider the increasing customer focus on content, services and intelligent solutions.


Automotive | Engineering

To ensure the competitiveness of our clients, we work closely with them on the agility of their value creation and the adaption of their corporate strategy to the changing market environment.

With our customers we have established long relationships with various joint projects – customers like Renault and Thule rely on our expertise.


Private equity | Finance

Besides its functional consulting approach as a cross-industry specialist in the traditional banking business, ChouChou supports Commercial Due Diligence processes on both the buy and sell side. Our company has a broad range of experience, regarding strategy evaluation and potentials, in-depth comparison within a sector and the assessment of companies performances.

In short: ChouChou has the required experience to accurately assess the value of companies, unexploited potentials and synergy effects. Our market-oriented consulting approach and our pan-European network provides the basis for a successful process. With Private Equity and Finance customers we maintain long- retrm relationships.

Case story



Our client is an international manufacturer in the building services sector and belongs to the leading companies in this branch
The strategic support for wholesalers is not systematic and should be improved in a targeted approach

Approach ChouChou:
Systematic process with main steps analysis, strategy and implementation in four countries
Common evolvement of seven most importan t key action areas: customisation of commerical range and benefit arguments, key account management, sell-in tools and sell-out tools, communication etc

Successful launch of sell-in processes
Systematic optimisation of the working process with the strategic distribution channel of the wholesaler



Company for fleet-leasing in Germany
Focus on contract administration but low sales activities
Increasing competition from non-captive leasing companies

Approach ChouChou:
Change Management approach
Set-up of diverse projects, which support the development targets of the organisation.
Dealer development
Outbound tele sales (cross selling)
Marketing concepts for service contracts
Evaluation of earnings per project
Coordination and steering of projects
Development and support of project leaders in terms of project management capabilities
Conceptual input for project elaboration
Market analysis and management of international expansion activities
Analysis and optimisation of dealers sales processes

Successful Go-live of projects
Increased contract sales and service rates



A media company aims to realise a new pre-paid mobile phone product with a cooperation partner

Approach ChouChou:
Coordination of more than 20 sub-projects and a great number of external partners
ChouChou established and implemented a project management office as an transitional management tool
Coordination of project participants
Coordination and management of relevant meetings, the operating business and management reporting
Content management of employees and partner

ChouChou successfully established the launch of the new mobile product and ensured an exact and smooth start
The new product launched with a bang: In spite of a mature mobile market>100.000 new customers have been acquired






Our story

Since 2017, ChouChou has assisted small-sized companies in developing their business strategy and implementing in their target markets, and just in 2 years we across to assisted medium-sized companies’ corporation and going slowly but surely to increase our portfolio clients.

The secret of our success is the connection between the consultant and the client, which remains for all life. We are here to bring innovative and safe ideas for everyone!



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